What is BigQuery?


In 2011, Google made BigQuery available to the public, which, like other services, makes queries easier and simplifies the analysis of large volumes of information.

As an indisputable advantage, Google BigQuery has an unbeatable price and performance ratio. Do you want to know more about it? Continue reading this article!

What is BigQuery?

Within the Big Data category, Google Cloud Platform offers the service called BigQuery, which is a data warehouse for companies that was also developed for interactive consultation of large sets of information.

Google BigQuery allows you to execute searches with Structured Query Language (SQL) against a large volume of data at high speed, with real-time studies and results in seconds.

This store is fully managed, serverless, highly scalable, and scales to petabytes.

Additionally, BigQuery has integration with various tools , such as:

  • ETL (Informatica y Talend);
  • BI (Tableau, MicroStrategy, Looker y Data Studio);
  • Cloud Storage (object storage);
  • Cloud Bigtable (transactional databases);
  • Spreadsheets in Drive to process external data sources without duplicating data;
  • Google Marketing Platform;
  • Google Ads;

in addition, it streams information from YouTube, partner SaaS applications, Teradata, and Amazon S3.
In other words, pretty much any site that you can pull relevant information from can connect with BigQuery.

What is BigQuery for?

All that sounds very exciting, but what exactly is the use of using this tool? Well, there are 3 key uses that can benefit you greatly.

  1. Store and analyze information
    As mentioned above, BigQuery is used to flatten and query massive data sets, which have managed logical storage in columns. These are analyzed in batches and in transmission, from data storage and spreadsheets. In this way, it is possible to configure the warehouse in seconds and consult the information in real time, thus facilitating its analysis and allowing companies to make decisions more quickly and accurately.
  2. Integrate, create reports and dashboards
    Google BigQuery lets you quickly create reports, ingest streaming data, view statistics, and dashboards with BI Engine. It also executes SQL queries at lightning speed, so anyone with basic SQL skills can easily create reports and dashboards.
    In addition, integration with data is easier and faster by providing Open DataBase Connectivity (ODBC) and Java™ Database Connectivity (JDBC) drivers.
    In short, this tool is ideal for finding patterns and areas of business opportunity.
  3. Share information securely
    BigQuery adheres to all of the Privacy Shield principles, so it’s more than possible to share important information—such as queries, data, reports, and spreadsheets—securely within your company and beyond.

In addition to the above, it provides an automatic backup that allows the recovery of information in the event of a misfortune, making it easier to maintain a solid, secure and manageable base.

Finally, by having the right hardware and infrastructure in place, you can save a significant amount of time and money when it comes to storing and querying large data sets.

In this way, with a serverless tool, downtime is reduced, since it manages ongoing maintenance tasks, performs updates, monitoring, audit logs, alerts, and more.

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