Wealthbase: Stock Market Game

Terbit: 02/14/2023 by ethan

If you’re looking for a fun and user-friendly app to pick stocks and play games, look no further than Wealthbase. With the ability to set up games with friends for a specified period of time, this app combines social media and stock picking to bring you a unique and engaging experience.

Minimum Balance: $0
Fees: No fee for up to 5 players. $20 game fee for up to 1,000 players with an additional five cents per player per day.


Why We Love It:


The app allows you to see what stocks your friends are picking and keeps you updated on their progress, making it a social and engaging experience.
The app runs smoothly, with no delays or hiccups, making it a great option for both seasoned and novice stock pickers.
You can also trade cryptocurrencies in the simulation, making it a versatile and comprehensive platform.
Who It’s Best For: If you’re interested in picking stocks and playing games in a social environment with friends and colleagues, Wealthbase is the app for you.


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