The image shows the slimmer bezels of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 on the cover screen

For the fourth-generation Galaxy Z Fold (which will be released on August 10), Samsung is reconfiguring the proportions of the cover and the internal screens. The coverage display will change from 24.5:9 to 23:9. The company has also found a way to slim down the bezels slightly, judging by this image shared by Ice Universe. It shows the vivo X Fold (top), the new Galaxy Z Fold4 (middle) and the Galaxy Z Fold3 (bottom). The vertical and horizontal bezels are slimmer than they were on the outgoing Z Fold. Bezel comparison: vivo X Fold (top) • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 (middle) • Galaxy Z Fold3 (bottom) Something else to notice in this image: the hinge profile is noticeably different and more compact. Rumors say that the new hinge has been redesigned to reduce crease. Going back to the new image format, here is an illustrative rendering. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 will be sturdier – giving apps a bit more horizontal space on the cover screen and making the top of the screen a bit easier to reach. The Galaxy Z Fold4 will have a more squat aspect ratio compared to its predecessor. The internal display will move slightly closer to a square, going from a 6.25:5 aspect ratio to 6:5. Samsung has promised official teasers in the three weeks leading up to the Unpacked event and we expect to get confirmation on the display and hinge rumors. For a look inside, the first official renders of the Galaxy Z Fold4 (and Z Flip4 too) have already leaked. By the way, fans in the US can already reserve a unit and will receive $100 in-store credit – up to $200 if they also reserve a Galaxy Watch5 and new Galaxy Buds (both of which will be unveiled at the same Unpacked event). Source

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