The Best Stock and Crypto App: Invstr

Terbit: 02/14/2023 by ethan

Invstr is a unique and innovative app that provides new investors with a fun and interactive way to get started with investing in stocks. With a combination of a fantasy stock market game and access to a vibrant community of investors, Invstr offers a unique platform for learning, real-life investing and community engagement.

Minimum Balance: $0

Fees: Invstr is free, but you can upgrade to Invstr Pro for $3.99 per month. Additionally, you can trade stocks, cryptocurrencies and ETFs commission-free with a minimum investment of $5.


Why We Love It:


Invstr’s fantasy game offers you $1 million in virtual money, giving you the opportunity to test your investing skills and get a feel for the stock market. You can also access the app’s social network and news feed to get inspiration from other investors. The top performers each month have the chance to win real cash prizes.
If you decide to turn your virtual picks into real investments, Invstr allows you to purchase fractional or whole shares without any commission fees.
The app offers new users $30 worth of Bitcoin when they open and fund an account with $100. Plus, Invstr has recently started offering commission-free trading in cryptocurrencies.
Who is it best for?: If you’re looking to learn from an investing community, understand why they prefer certain stocks and have a bit of fun while doing so, Invstr is the perfect app for you.


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