Sun2Solar Solar Cover Reel System for Round or Oval Above-Ground Swimming Pools | Fits Pools up to 24-Feet Wide Without Decking | Easy One-Person Operation

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Price: $219.96
(as of May 28,2022 10:37:48 UTC – Details)

Fit above ground pools measuring up to 24′ wide with a solar cover reel and take the work away from making sure your pool stays heated. Roll up and move your solar cover with ease when it’s time to swim! Product Details:

  • Easy one-person operation with steering wheel styled handle
  • Built from light-weight, non-corrosive plastic and sturdy aluminum tubing
  • Lift-and-swing design allows for reel to be pivoted away or removed before swimming
  • All necessary attachment hardware is included with the reel
  • Comes with 3 ” Telescopic aluminum pole kit
  • Solar cover reel ships in two separate boxes
  • Solar Cover NOT Included

NOTE: Covers larger than 20′ must be folded at the ends to fit. Solar cover reel is not designed to fit over the center of the pool. Limited 3-year manufacturer warranty.
FITS YOUR NEEDS – Designed for round or oval above ground swimming pools measuring up to 24′ wide without a deck around the perimeter of the pool. Any solar blanket that is larger than 20’ wide must be folded at the ends to fit on the reel when reeling in.
SIMPLE TO REMOVE – The lift-and-swing design allows for the reel to be pivoted away or removed before swimming. Remove one end off of your swimming pool and swivel it to place on top of a support post or take it off completely with the help of a friend, placing it on ground level.
QUALITY DESIGN – Built from lightweight, non-corrosive plastic and sturdy aluminum tubing. Use this solar cover reel system in conjunction with any solar cover (NOT INCLUDED) within an 8-mil to 12-mil thickness to cover your pool.
REEL EASY – Rolling up your solar cover can be a one-person operation now. Save time, energy and favor requests with the use of the steering-wheel styled handle. Roll up and move your solar cover with ease when it’s time to swim!
EASY TO ASSEMBLE – Spend less time putting together your solar cover reel and more time enjoying your pool. All necessary attachment hardware is included with the reel. System kit comes with 5 aluminum telescoping poles measuring 3″ in diameter allowing for expansion of up to 24′ wide.

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