Facebook adds a new tab called Feeds which is sorted chronologically

Today, Facebook announced a pretty substantial change to its app. First, the main feed you see when you open the app is now called Home, which makes sense and is behind the times. But that’s not the big news. The big news is that there is now an additional tab in the app called Stream. And this tab is sorted in reverse chronological order – you know, like what is now called Home was before the algorithm took over. The Feeds tab has its own filters – you can show it all or just items from your friends, groups, pages or favorites – it’s a curated list of the friends and pages you’re most interested in. As for the home feed, Facebook now positions it as “more of a discovery engine to let you find and follow new content and creators through recommendations.” The counterbalance to this is Feeds, where you go “to access content from people and communities you’re already connected with”. There are no “suggested for you” posts in the feeds. The new Home and Feed tabs start rolling out today to a small subset of Facebook users on iOS and Android. Everyone on Facebook should receive them within the next week. Note that the shortcut bar that houses these tabs is at the bottom of the Facebook app on iOS and at the top on Android. The shortcut bar tabs will change depending on which parts of the app you use the most, but you can customize and pin tabs to your shortcut bar, making their location permanent if you wish. Source

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