Ellevest: Investing for women

Terbit: 02/14/2023 by ethan

Ellevest stands out as one of the top robo-advisors and the leading app for socially responsible investing. Its mission is to empower women investors with smart investment decisions, although anyone can join as a client.

Minimum Balance: $0

Fees: $5 or $9 per month (or discounted annually)


What We Love:


Ellevest creates personalized portfolios that consider the unique circumstances of women, such as lower lifetime earnings.
Ellevest enables clients to invest up to 53% of their portfolio in ESG or social impact funds, referred to as its Impact Portfolio. These funds invest in companies with more female leaders, support for affordable housing, and better sustainability standards.
The Impact Portfolio is only slightly more expensive than Ellevest’s core portfolio, with an average cost of $13-$19 per year for every $10,000 invested.
Who It’s Best For: You are looking for a socially responsible portfolio that offers attractive returns and is simple to invest in.


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